Sajiloemart is very grateful, you trust us and provide an opportunity to serve you. We appreciate your worry and respect the trust towards us and assure the secured utilization of your personal information.

This privacy policy explains how Sajiloemart collects, uses, and discloses personal information collected from you.

We collect the personal information to improve the listed products and services. We collect information through a different medium:

Automatic data collection: we gather information about the use and services of Sajiloemart, search history, interaction with content form the other sites on the behalf of Sajiloemart.

From different sources: We gather information from different sources, delivery information, address, regular activities, and so on to provide you a flexible selection and category of product details.

Cookies: We also gather data from cookies. You can disable cookies too if you don’t want.

What data do we collect?

You must be wondering what type of data Sajiloemart collects. You need not worry about your personal information you shared with us. We collect, store, and process, your search list, and your personal information like name, gender, email, address, contact number, payment details likewise.

For what purpose do we collect your personal information?

We use this information to administer your account, verify your financial transactions, to customize and review customers' interest and research. We use this information to suggest and make you informed about the products, identify visitors, collect information that our customers suggest for us and provide you some marketing communications. We sometimes need your information to pass with a third party in order to make delivery too.

However, we respect your worry about data confidentiality. We promise you that we will store your personal information securely.

We collect personal information to operate, improve, and develop the services we offer to you. We always keep in mind the security and privacy of your information.

Third parties and links

We only pass your details with our agents trusted to us. Third parties like delivering merchandise, are needed to deliver your product on time and to collect payments from you. We do not exchange data for fraud protection and risk. We shall not sell or disclose personal information beyond the prevailing law.

You are self-responsible for the protection of your account and password on your device.

Your rights of your personal data

You have the right to access your personal information we hold and you are able to correct, update, and delete your own personal information.

Age restriction

Using any of the service or purchasing of products before age of 18, or in any unstable condition is prohibited, complete guidance and supervision of your guardian or belongings is must.

Update Policy

Sajiloemart have a complete right to make any changes to this privacy policy when needed without any prior notice during operational, legal, and other respective reasons.

Contact information

Please do contact via email or direct call us at the provided information on our official website for any queries and confusion.